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CAPE TOWN – There appears to be shortage of more things nowadays in Cape Town – Not minding the water shortages being experienced, thereseems to be no fuel as well! At least that is the cape in Parklands recently where a resident took it upon himself to steal fuel from a parked vehicle according to a report.

Captain Adriana Chandler Table View police spokesperson, said the man was spotted shortly after 21:00 on Tuesday last week.

She said the police received information that a suspect was stealing fuel from a vehicle on the corner on Devenshire and Humewood Drive, Parklands. They were given a description of the suspect and the vehicles.

“Upon their arrival the officers noticed a man fitting the description sitting inside a vehicle also fitting the description provided.  The occupant of the vehicle was asked if he needed assistance and if everything was in order. He indicated that he was experiencing vehicle problems and that he was waiting for a friend to help him,” Chandler said.

She said the man’s vehicle was parked near another vehicle and that when police officers walked around it, they noticed a piece of pipe leading from the fuel tank of the parked vehicle to the suspect’s vehicle. A bottle containing fuel was also next to the car.

“More pipes and other empty bottles were found near the vehicles. The officers asked to search the man and he complied. He was found carrying a box knife, drug paraphernalia and crystal methamphetamine”

Chandler said the 37-year-old suspect from Table View was taken into custody and appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate’s court last Thursday, charged with theft from motor vehicle and possession of illegal substances.

  • Table View Tygerburger

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