Credits: CENCredits: CEN

This couple’s marriage did not get off to the best start after the roof collapsed on top of them as they were saying their vows.

A video shows a pastor conducting a ceremony in the city of Santa Fe of Antioquia, in the north-western Colombian department of Antioquia.

The pastor is saying the vows for the happy couple to repeat.

He says: “With this ring I marry you, joining my life with the heart…”

But the bride seems distracted by something above her and turns to look at the ceiling.

Then there is a loud crack and the video becomes a jumble of images as screaming and chaos break out.

The camera captures a few images of shocked faces in the chaos as its operator runs for cover along with the rest of the wedding party .

Seven people including the pastor had to be taken to hospital though none of them are thought to have been seriously hurt.

Groom Leder Manuel Castillo Fuentes suspected dark forces at work, telling Colombian media: “There are some paranormal things, I am sure a devil did not want us to marry.”

But he and his unnamed partner decided to ignore such otherworldly interventions and married shortly afterwards at a different venue.

The cause of the roof collapse was not reported. It is unclear if the ceremony was taking place in a church.

  • Mirror

PHOTO: © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: CEN


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