web_photo_online_dating_150115: FILE image symbolising online dating websites.

JOHANNESBURG – A planned night of consensual fun in Pretoria turned into a horrific experience for a Johannesburg man.

It cost the 54-year-old man R190,000 after he was lured into a trap and robbed.

The Sandton resident fell victim to a woman he allegedly met on a dating website earlier this month.

The South African Police Services said the man met the woman at Sunnypark Shopping Complex in the capital city on Monday last week. He was then enticed to a flat for a sexual encounter.

“Shortly after their arrival at the flat, the man started undressing for what was supposed to be a moment of pleasure,” said police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela.

“However, it turned into a nightmare when three armed men entered the bedroom and threatened the victim with a handgun. One of the suspects accused him of sleeping with his wife.

“The suspects demanded the victim’s bank cards and pin codes. Later he was forced to open the bank application on the cellphone, where more transactions were allegedly made.

“At the end of  … a shopping spree that is believed to have lasted for about four hours, during which the victim was kept at the flat, the transactions that were made in his name are said to have reached almost R190,000.”

Police have urged the public to avoid online dating or to take the necessary precautions before taking part in it.



PHOTO: © / Don Hankins FILE image symbolising online dating websites.


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