Family and friends on Thursday streamed into a quiet Hanover Park home to console a single mother who lost a second son to gang violence.

Fifteen-year-old Dorian Solomons was gunned down by two men in Lansport Road at 7am while walking friends to school.

Jacqueline Solomons, 45, says Dorian celebrated his 15th birthday recently.

“He went on a camp to Gordon’s Bay with his friends for the weekend. He told me he had the time of his life,” she says.

Jacqueline says she sent Dorian to Bosasa Reform School last year.

“He was mixing with the wrong crowd and I needed to get him out of the community.”

She confirmed he had joined the Americans gang, but says he changed his life after returning from the reformatory in December.

He was supposed to stay until January, but was released early on good behaviour.

“He got a better group of friends and was going to be confirmed next month,” the mom of four adds.

She lost her second eldest son in similar circumstances four years ago but wouldn’t reveal any details.

Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the incident.

“The deceased sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his body and head and was certified as dead by paramedics who attended the scene,” he says.

“It is reported that two male suspects fled the scene on foot. Police are investigating a case of murder.”

Jessica Shelver of the Education Department says learners who saw the incident are receiving counselling.


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