WEB_PHOTO_ZILLE_BYTE_30_PM: Western Cape, 30 November 2015 - The ANC in the Western Cape claims there are enough reasons to impeach Helen Zille, and get her removed from her position as premier.

CAPE TOWN – Former Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille will appear before the party’s Federal Legal Commission on Saturday. today

DA Leader @MmusiMaimane has referred @helenzille to the Federal Legal Commission for investigation: http://bit.ly/2mMs2Ac 

Colonialism, like Apartheid, was wrong and cannot be justified – Democratic Alliance

DA Leader Mmusi Maimane has referred Ms Helen Zille to the Federal Legal Commission for investigation, following a series of tweets this morning, which may have violated the DA’s social media policy…


It will decide whether Zille should be disciplined for her social media posts.

Last week, the Western Cape Premier published a series of tweets saying colonialism wasn’t all bad.

For those claiming legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water etc.


She later backtracked, saying her posts were taken out of context.

Zille’s faced harsh criticism from fellow politicians and members of the public, including DA leader Mmusi Maimane and Gauteng Premier David Makhura, who have condemned her comments.

Let’s make this clear: Colonialism, like Apartheid, was a system of oppression and subjugation. It can never be justified.

The Western Cape Legislature will also hold a special debate on the Premier’s tweets at a later date.

Recall we brought you news how the Western Cape Premier got so many backlash from tweets made about colonialism. Read:  HELEN ZILLE IN HOT WATERS OVER COLONIALISM TWEETS


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