Rugby hero Joel Stransky needs plastic surgery to restore his “good looks”.
Despite some serious injuries‚ the former Springbok joked on Twitter about his accident during the prologue stage of the Absa Cape Epic.

“Hi All‚ thanks for good wishes. Had a nasty fall‚ bad face cuts‚ broken rib & punctured lung! need plastic surgery to restore good looks!” Stransky tweeted on Sunday.

On Monday he assured followers that his surgery “went well‚ lung on mend‚ almost pretty again!”

Stransky was part of the Springbok team who made South African sport history in 1995 during the rugby World Cup.

After retiring from the sport‚ Stransky became seriously involved in mountain biking.

The gruelling Absa Cape Epic started at the weekend at the Meerendal Wine Estate‚ about 20 km outside Cape Town.

Mediclinic‚ which offers race support‚ said 1‚300 started the race.

“Of those riders only 47 were medically treated for a number of injuries. A number of shoulder injuries were sustained during the Absa Cape Epic Prologue and patients were stabilised at the race hospital. Seven riders were transferred to hospital for further assessment and treatment of their injuries‚” the medical group said in a statement.


  • Times Live


PHOTO: Joel Stransky after his fall during the Absa Cape Epic. Image by: Arrive Alive


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