Wemmershoek Dam. Picture:

CAPE TOWN – The City of Cape Town is looking into small-scale emergency schemes to help support water supply in the short term.

A local government state of disaster due has already been declared.

The city says at current levels, there’s only around four months of useable water left in its dams.

Cape Town’s six dams have less than 20% of usable water left.

The city expects water to be at critically low levels by the start of winter.

It’s now looking at drilling boreholes into the Table Mountain Aquifer and a small-scale desalination plant along the North West coast each with a yield of approximately two million litres a day.

“We are left with 103 days of usable water at our current consumption levels. We can’t be sitting at consumption of 700 million lilitreser day,” mayor Patricia de Lille said.

It will cost R350 million over the next three years to implement the new water supply schemes.


  • Eye Witness News

PHOTOS: Wemmershoek Dam. Picture:


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