Cape Electric Tattoo, in association with ShowHorse productions, is proud to present the South African International Tattoo Convention (SAITC) that will be taking place at the CITICC  in Cape Town from 24 to 26 March, 2017


The South African tattoo industry has grown with strides over the past five years due to widespread acceptance of the art form.


The SAITC provides a platform for local tattoo artists to showcase their skills alongside renowned international artists.

It also provides the public the opportunity to learn more about these virtuosos and their styles, and to get tattooed on site!

“We are proud to bring to the South African public more than 78 of the worlds most renowned tattoo artists from six continents, specializing in a variety of tattoo styles,” according to a statement.

Attending artist includes Holly Ellis from Idle Hand in San Francesco, Wan from Wild Rose in South Korea, James McKenna from Australia and Big Steve from Fun City in New York City to name a few.

Attendees can be tattooed at the convention by either pre-booking directly with the artist or simply walking up to see if there is a time slot available on the day.

Tickets prices are R150 (Friday), R250 (Saturday), R180 (Sunday)), R380 (Full weekend) and R500 (VIP pass).

Visit or email the report reads.




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