Stock photo: Pexels
PHOTO: Pexels

His proud father gave him the nickname Kang Kang which, roughly translated, means “healthy” in Chinese.

And healthy and strong he definitely is! He tipped the scale at a whopping 6,7 kg when he was recently born in Xi’an city in the Shaanxi province in the north western part of China.

It’s about twice the average weight of a newborn baby in China.


And it’s not just his father, known only by his last name, Wang, that’s over the moon. Daxing’s medical team was also excited about the baby’s incredible size.


Wang explained that his 35-year-old wife struggled with diabetes and an eating disorder during her pregnancy and was somewhat overweight.

The father, who shared photos of his son online and was warmly congratulated by “jealous” family members, revealed that his wife’s pregnancy diet consisted of foods rich in coarse grain.

And Kang Kang, almost 60 cm longer than most other newborn boys, was perhaps ingesting quite a bit of his mother’s pregnancy intake.

A local doctor said that in certain parts of China the tradition is to overfeed expecting mothers in the hopes of her delivering a larger baby.





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