CAPE TOWN – This weekend, sailing enthusiasts can once again take part in the annual MAC 24-hour Sailing Challenge hosted in Cape Town.

The event is scheduled for Saturday 18 to Sunday 19 March at the Milerton Aquatic Club.

Organizers of this year’s event, the only 24hour dinghy sailing event, is the 20th annual sailing challenge and it is drawing a lot of interest and curiosity, especially with the Little Optimist, Greg Bertish, sailing the Challenge this year to raise funds for the awareness for the Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital and the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI).

“ Also having Gerry Aab, hailed as a hero sailor of the 2000 24-hour Challenge, who set the South African record of 10 kilometres short of the world record, sail this year has been the talk of Challenge,” says Downing, organizer.

He says the Challenge does not separate winners from losers, but rather bring sailors together from all walks of life. The tenacity of each sailor to better the world record and break the SA record is what keeps the teams sailing for 24 hours, Downing adds.




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