PHOTO: Western Cape Premier Helen Zille.

CAPE TOWN – While dam levels in Cape Town continue to fall, a steady stream of fake news related to the water crisis is still doing the rounds on social media, even after the City of Cape Town has tried to set the record straight.

Last month, Weekend Argus reported on fake messages circulated on a letter with the city’s logo and the signature of Premier Helen Zille. The letter claimed the city’s water was contaminated, and water cuts were planned.

Xanthea Limberg, the mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste services, and energy, has urged residents not fall for hoax messages.

Zille’s spokesperson Michael Mpofu said they were aware of the hoax letter in circulation.

“We urge residents to ignore this false letter and its message. We also discourage anyone from further sharing it on social media.”

He said while the letter was fake, there was an urgent need for residents across the province to reduce their water consumption.

“If in doubt, residents should please approach the city immediately for clarity if required,” Mpofu said.



Weekend Argus/Independent online



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