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Pretoria – Police are investigating a possible murder and suicide after a shooting in a lingerie shop in Lynnwood, Pretoria, a spokesperson said on Saturday.

Captain Ilze Jones said the bodies of 64-year-old Susan Meadon and a relative, 34-year-old Bartho Jacobs, were found inside the shop on Friday morning.

Staff had been unable to open up for business on Friday when they arrived at the specialist shop at the Glenfair Boulevard because the door was locked from the inside with the keys still in the door.

Centre management was contacted, and permission was obtained for the door to be forced open.

To their horror, the bodies of Meadon and Jacobs were found inside.

Both had been shot dead, and the nature of the scene led police to think it may have been murder, and then a suicide.

Store owner Maureen Estherhuysen sounded upset and did not want to speak about the shooting when contacted.

The Roodepoort Rekord quoted Estherhuysen as saying of Meadon: “She was great at what she did and assisted in several cancer initiatives to educate people.”



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