FILE: Finance MEC Ivan Meyer. Picture: Xolani Koyana/EWN.

FILE: Finance MEC Ivan Meyer. Picture: Xolani Koyana/EWN.


CAPE TOWN – The African National Congress (ANC) has described the Western Cape Government’s budget as ’empty’ and lacking innovation.

Western Cape Finance MEC Ivan Meyer tabled the province’s R59 billion budget at the Provincial legislature on Tuesday.

The bulk of the budget will go to improving health and education in the province, while infrastructure investment has also received an R8 billion boost to assist in stimulating economic growth.

The ANC’s Carol Beerwinkel says the Western Cape government’s budget speech was built largely on suggestions made by National Government.

She adds it also lacks clarity over what expenditure is allocated for the current financial year and what is budgeted for the next three years.

“The speech was empty but misleading in its content, because it’s not focusing on now.”

The African Christian Democratic Party’s Ferlon Christians felt the opposite.

“You need to do what you think is best. There is, of course, more that we want when it comes to the budget but I think it was a good budget.”

Both have indicated more prominence should have been given to the city of Cape Town’s safety concerns.


Eye Witness News


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