UCT fees protesters clash with police. File photo. Image by: DAVID HARRISON

CAPE TOWN – More foreign students have cancelled plans to study at the University of Cape Town fearing potential #FeesMustFall protests.

This week Bowdoin College in the US discouraged their students from embarking on an exchange programme with UCT.

Christine Wintersteen‚ Bowdoin College director for Off-Campus Study and International Programmes‚ was quoted in the college newspaper‚ the Bowdoin Orient. She said the onus lies with students to be responsible.

“[It] is an issue of jeopardizing credit transfer and making sure students can graduate on time and have an academic experience that does involve some academic content‚” she said.

Last year The Times reported that 92 students‚ from various US institutions participating in the Study Abroad programme at UCT pulled out.

At the time UCT said they had received 650 applications to be part of the programme for the first semester in 2017.

On Wednesday the university revealed that the number had dropped to 290 students for the first semester which is due to start on Monday.

“It is too early to predict numbers for the second semester‚” he said UCT spokesman Elijah Moholola.

He said the majority of the cancellations were from US students.

“This is representative of the usual semester student abroad student population at UCT. Usually 75% of the students are from the US‚ so any attrition is likely to register greater numbers in this group of students.”

However for the first time they got 44 students to enroll for a “Semester Study Abroad Summer School” for four weeks in February.


– TMG Digital/The Times/Times Live


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