SA Police. (Duncan Alfreds, News24)

© Provided by SA Police. (Duncan Alfreds, News24)


Johannesburg – A man holding his girlfriend hostage in Tladi, Soweto, is demanding that police withdraw a case of malicious damage to property against him.

Police have been negotiating with the 37-year-old man since Wednesday morning. Residents called police, saying they had heard gunshots.

The man had locked himself and the woman inside a four-roomed house and had warned the SAPS negotiating team that he would shoot himself and his girlfriend if his demands were not met. He had been speaking to the team regularly through a locked burglar door.

Captain Mbulaheni Netshivhodza, spokesperson for the Soweto West cluster, said they were still negotiating and that the situation was tense.

“All the doors are locked and he has told us that he doesn’t want members of the community that are here near the room.”

He also wanted his girlfriend to promise him that they would not break up.




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