PHOTO: Reggie Dreyer, with his daughter Lynne Connolly, who flew in from London to watch her father perform, play the piano as Reggie’s wife, Mattie, looks on. Photo: Armand Hough/Iol News


Cape Town – When pianist Reggie Dreyer, 74, makes his debut with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra at Artscape on Wednesday, March 7, he will play his favourite Mozart concerto because that is all he “wants to do”.

In 1960, Dreyer auditioned with the Cape Town Symphony orchestra and was accepted to play with them as a concert pianist, but the apartheid government denied him the chance because of the colour of his skin.

Unmarked by bitterness and rage, Dreyer said: “It was a disappointing time in my life, it wasn’t a good thing but you don’t go and sit, moaning, groaning and blaming it all on apartheid. I had to get on with my life, there was so much to do.”

* Read about Reggie Dreyer’s remarkable story in the Cape Argus tomorrow.


Iol News



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