CAPE TOWN – More than 100 Robertson Winery workers who took part in a strike are facing disciplinary action.

Now trade union CSAAWU to which the employees belong is on a legal collision course with the company, claiming it has refused to honour the agreement.

Late last year, workers downed tools for three months for a wage increase and eventually agreed on a R400 a month hike to be backdated for four months.

Robertson Winery has charged 127 workers after they staged a one-day strike action in December, demanding that management implement a November wage agreement.

The company has denied allegations made by the union but would not say whether it has paid the workers as the agreement stipulated.

It says it has implemented the collective agreement to the letter.

But CSAAWU’s Trevor Christians says this is not true.

“We are of the opinion that the action of the company is that during the strike, the workers gained a lot of confidence and our view is that they want to push back the confidence of the workers.”

Both parties are currently seeking legal advice on what steps to take next.



Eyes Witness News


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